Lens Without Glass

Professional Pinhole Lens for DSLR & Mirrorless camera

    Pinhole Photography & Cinematography in the Digital Age

    What’s missing is an innovation in technology to bring the user experience of modern digital cameras to this centuries old technique. Thingyfy Pinhole Pro makes a simple, small change- multiple pinholes, but that change allows for real-time experimentation and manipulation that just doesn't exist in any other model. The unique properties of pinhole photography need to be exposed and played with. New uses discovered. With the products currently available on the market, all one can do is demo the principal at hand.

    The aim for the Pinhole Pro is to make an aggressive attempt at re-introducing the viability and opportunity this lens affords to the professional and hobbyist photographers.


    A Short Pinhole Film By Searing Lu

    Show with Nikon D750 and Thingyfy Pinhole Pro


    Ashort film about a teenager dancer in Hong Kong
    documenting his life through the Pinhole Pro lens

    Cinematographer: Searing
    Starring: Brooks
    Music: WHITE

    • Does the Pinhole Pro come with lens caps?
      Yes. The Pinhole Pro comes with both front and back lens caps.
    • Can I add UV filter lens or other filter lens to the Pinhole Pro?
      Yes. The Pinhole Pro comes with a standard 58mm thread at the front, so you can add any 58mm diameter filter lens or UV lens as you like.
    • Should I be worried about dust with a pinhole DSLR?

      The good news is, no, you don't need to worry.

      And if you are really worried about dust and wanting to dust proof the Pinhole Pro, you can do so by fitting a standard 58mm UV filter lens to the front threading of the Pinhole Pro, just like how you would protect your other lenses.

      The truth is, just removing the lens and changing lenses will increase the risk of dust on the sensor. Your sensor is going to get dirty and require cleaning as part of typical maintenance anyway. Since the pinholes in Pinhole photography are extremely small (0.1mm to 0.8mm diameter), the chance of getting any dust into the camera is exponentially smaller comparing to your regular activities of changing and removing lens from the body.

      You can purchase a 58mm UV lens very easily in most camera stores. If there's enough demand from our backers, we would possibly consider shipping the Pinhole Pro with a standard UV lens in the package (of course this will mean we will need to increase the pricing slightly to cover the cost). Feel free to send us private messages if you would like the UV filter as part of the standard Pinhole Pro package in the future.

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